25 GVK ambulances out of UP enough for Today
25 GVK ambulances out of UP enough for Today

25 GVK ambulances out of UP enough for Today

GVK EMRI staff put stickers on the new ambulances, at the city on Friday.

Talking to The Shillong Times, state head of this GVK EMRI 108 Deepankar Chaudhury said 12 of the 48 present ambulances of the group are non-functional and the organisation is fighting to get mechanics and spare parts out of Assam because of this lockdown.
“We’ve got to repair and keep them. The 25 ambulances will be adequate for 43 locations. However, more ambulances will be required if the places are to be lengthy,” Chaudhury said.
GVK includes 11 ambulances working in East Khasi Hills, five in West Khasi Hills, two each in South West Khasi Hills, South West Garo Hills, East Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and South Garo Hills, one in East Jaintia Hills, four in West Jaintia Hills and six in Ri Bhoi.
There are 62 ambulances belonging to 108 and state ambulances that will be used particularly for COVID-19.
To put up new locations, paramedics need to be trained and it’ll take two months. Though there’s absolutely no manpower crisis at GVK EMRI Shillong,”there will be a shortage if more locations are added”, ” said Chaudhury.
The 108 now has a support team of 243.
When asked about the allegations that 108 was not responsive, Chaudhury said there were 5,000 calls at one go through the time once the COVID-19 positive case was reported and”the capacity is just 20″.
Between March 16-31, the number of calls was 10,123 and 9,942 calls were also attended. Again in April 1-23, the number of calls has been 11,869 and 11,327 were attended, out of which 3,139 were enrolled.
The number of cases managed by the 108 has also improved. “On an average, we handle 40-45 cases and now they’re handling 60-75 instances,” the official said. There is also a fall in the telephone as they are receiving 600-650 calls.
Chaudhury explained the role of 108 was to evacuate people from Bethany Hospital on the day the favorable instance came up and require them to quarantine centres. They went into Civil Hospital for sample group and taking the positive patients and their major contacts.

Journey into Shillong
A dedicated group of those Uttar Pradesh-based GVK EMRI crew was able to deliver the 25 ambulances after travelling for almost 1,500 km.
“The 32-member group from UP drove all the way and reached Byrnihat on Saturday. It left Thursday. The members were taken back by MTC buses along with police escort,” explained Chaudhury.
He added the GVK team took the food supplies with them and cooked on the roadside. They were advised not to travel at nighttime. They fell off the ambulances in Byrnihat at 1.30 pm and the GVK staff from Meghalaya brought them into the GVK headquarters at 4.30 am.


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