Kolkata/IBNS: Hours after the MHA's Inter-Ministerial Central Team (IMCT)
Kolkata/IBNS: Hours after the MHA's Inter-Ministerial Central Team (IMCT)

Kolkata/IBNS: Hours after the MHA’s Inter-Ministerial Central Team (IMCT) deployed in Kolkata had contested the delay in creation of Covid-19 test reports, West Bengal authorities on Friday night educated state health machinery to make sure the final evaluation results in 12 hours in the sample group, officials said.

Issuing a pair of 11 directions, West Bengal Chief Secretary Rajiva Sinha directed his health officials:”It has to be ensured that time taken between the selection of sample and final outcome is around 12 hours.”

“There have been a high number of individuals in the isolation wards of CNCI in addition to M.R. Bangur hospital awaiting Covid evaluation results for five days or longer,” IMCT chief Apurva Chandra wrote in a letter to CS.

Meanwhile, following a footage of bodies lying for hours within the isolation ward of M.R. Bangur hospital moved viral on social media and the IMCT had contested it, Chief Secretary educated to change dead bodies in the wards promptly after departure.

“Dead bodies ought to be instantly altered from the wards keeping all of protocols,” Rajiva Sinha directed.

Saying that it will demonstrate zero tolerance towards any report of inconvenience of people in government associations, the state has instructed government-run physicians and medical schools to not deny treatment to any patient.

“If referral, patient must be always supplied with spousal support,” that the Chief Secretary guided.

All doctors at OPD/emergency wards are led to compulsorily use protective equipment according to protocol while it’s been also educated to keep utmost cleanliness and sanitisation at all medical centers, including the places where doctors sit and change.

“Particular focus on M.R. Bangur with supply of all required infrastructure and assistance, and senior officers from Swasthya Bhawan should visit medical colleges and hospitals frequently,” the education letter read.

In its letter, the IMCT had also questioned about the reported violation of social distancing at M.R. Bangur hospital’s waiting area and inadequate arrangements of ventilators in the Covid hospital in south Kolkata.

Meanwhile, the next Central group, that has been deployed in Siliguri, sent a letter to Chief Secretary on Friday, implying stricter execution of lockdown and larger deployment of field officers in north Bengal to include the spread of novel coronavirus.

But, both the IMCTs claimed they had not received any response to their letters in the state authorities nonetheless.


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