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Assam Black Tea How To Make It Home

What is Assam Milk Tea

The Assam black tea is your excellent morning meal tea. In India and in the region where this tea is produced, they frequently state that you aren’t completely awake yet if you have not intoxicated this tasty beverage. The strong, quick, and vibrant flavor of Assam combined with its rich antioxidant and also nutritional components can provide you an increase as you begin your day.


From India, this black tea is now marketed all over the world. In tea shops as well as bubble coffee shop. The good news is, you can appreciate this beverage without costs that much by making your very own variation of the milk tea in the house for just half the expense.

In this post, we will certainly reveal you why you need to attempt drinking Assam milk tea and just how to make it in the hous.

Assam Black Tea How To Make

( 1) Place 20grms of tea leaves into the pot.
( 2) Put one (1) Litre of hot water (75-85degrees centigrade) into the pot that has tea leaves in it.
( 3) Cover the pot; leave the pot covered for a duration of fifteen (15) minutes.
( 4) After the given time, meticulously remove the tea leaves from the pot with warm water in it, and also store it in a container that has the ability to keep the tea hot, such as a thermos.

Mass preparation of Loose leaf tea:

( 1) Place 100grms of tea leaves right into the pot.
( 2) Pour 5 (5) Liters of warm water (75-85degrees centigrade) into the pot that has tea leaves in it.
( 3) Cover the pot; leave the pot covered for a period of fifteen (15) mins.
( 4) After the provided time, carefully get rid of the tea leaves from the pot with hot water in it, and also shop it in a container that has the capability to maintain the tea warm, such as a thermos.
( 5) Your tea is ready for serving milk tea or direct sipping. Keep in mind that it can still be served when the tea is warm.

Where to use Assam Black Tea?

For the Milk tea (Bubble Tea) service this is typically made use of for Milk tea dishes.

Can we make Tea leaves on a tiny portioning?
Yes. You can do portioning such as 20grms of tea leaves right into 1 Litre of hot water.

Can we utilize Assam Black Tea for fruiteas?
Assam teas are being made use of for fruiteas however with much less concentration compared to those for milk teas. One ideal flavor mix for Assam tea leaves is the Apple fruitea utilizing the Apple syrup.


Exactly how to prepare house mix tea with Assam Black Tea?
For 16oz serving: use 200cc of tea as well as add 20ml to 40ml of sweetener. Include ice so it will certainly be refreshing to drink. Note that the brewed tea bag can be positioned on top of the beverages.

Can it be served when it’s not warm/ warm anymore?
Yes, as a matter of fact, it can be blended/ made use of for a fruit tea. While for milk tea, you require to liquify the powder ingredients extremely well. Therefore, it is best to use a warm/ warm tea when preparing for a milk tea drink.

What is the recommended dish for Assam Black Tea?

Assam Black Tea is suggested for house blend teas as this brings costs as well as delicate tastes. Include a sweetener when needed; honey with a press of lemon blends with the preference wonderful.

Any type of additional/ essential info I require to keep in mind in developing Assam Black Tea?
Tea experts in Taiwan do not recommend re-brewing of tea leaves. They have actually noted that milk tea or boba drinks require consistency for their taste. Hence, re-brewing/ utilizing formerly brewed tea leaves is not suggested as it would influence the preference of the beverages.

Assam black tea by Leading Creamery is high-quality farmed and also collected by the conventional tea farmers in India that perfectly mix well with your tea drink. It has a strong robust malty chocolaty taste sticking around on your mouth that your clients will undoubtedly adore specifically when preparing a milktea.




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